HOTstream Services

UX/UI Customization

Hotel branding

Digital content

Connectivity Commerce services

Multiple devices support

One centralized platform

Rich Content, OTT apps

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Video On Demand (VOD)

Weather, Radio, News

Flight Information

City guide, Event guide

Smart TV apps


PMS (Oracle +25 systems)

POS (Oracle Simphony)

Service Order Management

Conference Management


In-Room Tablets

Spa, Golf

Webapp virtual remote

Room Controls

Voice Controls

Door lock

HOTstream OMS

Operations Manager

Interface Agents

Content Update service

Cloud Monitoring service

Failover Agents

Software Update service



Lower Cost – CapEx free deployment

Scale to meet demand as needed

Resiliency and redundancy

Faster Project Deployment

Lower Maintenance Headaches

Improved Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction

27/7 Service

Customer satisfaction

Highly skilled engineers

Great response time

1:1 redundant hardware


Seamless operational efficiency, IoT applications and contactless experience

MCOMS opens the door to getting the most out of the POS, PMS, CRM, SPA and other hospitality systems. HOTstream puts them into action, through targeted marketing and on-site commerce on any screen. HOTstream ecosystem makes the guests feel recognized and rewarded throughout their stay and beyond, generating long term value and increasing guests’ loyalty at the same time. More than fifty integrations with different systems are already implemented and many more are currently under development. MCOMS ensures that if a hotel has a system that is not yet integrated, it will be added as part of the HOTstream installation process.