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New HOTstream Digital Signage solution for conferences centers

MCOM Media Communications implemented an innovative digital signage solution managing multiple monitors for displaying events, daily schedules, generic and way finding information for conference rooms.

MCOM’s new HOTstream Signage allows the hotel staff to concentrate on organizing the events rather than worrying about the digital signage displays. This was accomplished by introducing:

Role assignments – Digital Signage monitors are assigned into groups where each one is having a particular role. HOTstream Signage application is processing both the characteristics of the role and the unique set of attributes that identifies each monitor such as the location, size and orientation, so each digital signage monitor is retrieving automatically the information to display.

Scenario based configurations – All variations and possible layouts for the conference rooms are stored in the scenario library of HOTstream Signage. That way the conference centre organizer only has to select from the library the current conference room layout and all the displays are automatically reconfigured to present the appropriate information for the conference rooms along with directional information for each one of them.

Sales Management system interfacing – Event information is retrieved automatically from the Sales and Catering/ Event scheduling Management System without operator intervention or any manual re-entry, thus centralizing the management for conferences and events.
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