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Content Services: MCOM has business relationships with many content providers and can assist an operator in the first steps of creating their IPTV service offering. MCOM ís content department can also provide transcoding and content packaging services for preparing VOD content.

In addition, our content department can assist you on all other content services like weather forecast information, internet radio channels, news portals, programme schedule information for local or international channels and much more as part of MEDIAstream Content Services Agreement (CSA).

Support: For any major or minor request, ad-hoc services or even day-to-day questions, you will always have a trained professional available. MCOM and its partners offer remote, on-site and per-call support services for a 24/7 guaranteed operation.

Upgrades: MCOM is fully committed to maintain the highest level of innovation and reliability throughout the life of a system installation. MEDIAstream software and servers are updated with the latest improvements as part of our support agreement.

Custom Development: With respect to your unique hotel environment, MCOMís team is ready to help you take user experience to the next level. We want the service you offer to have your distinctive touch. Therefore we offer customization services according to your requirements as well as custom application development for new features.

Third party system integration: MCOM has a lot of experience in integrating with third party systems in order to automate workflow processing for subscriber operations and system monitoring and management.

Training: Installing and operating an IPTV system is challenging. MCOM personnel have a high level of expertise in all areas of IPTV to help you through the learning curve. Besides MEDIAstream system training MCOM can offer expert advice in many areas related to IPTC from digital television systems, broadcasting headend equipment to networking and IT solutions.

Maintenance: For all hotels, MCOMís can offer maintenance services to minimize the occurrence of unpredicted problems. Our personnel are working closely with you to maintain your systems in good health.

Consulting Services andproject management: We strongly advise our prospect clients to use our extensive experience in designing and supporting Interactive Systems. Our people are always available to participate in the design stage of hotelís networking and guide you towards a robust infrastructure. We can also help you plan and execute the whole IPTV project from conception to launch.
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