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Simplify your everyday business. MEDIAstream’s state of the art technology will provide the means for your company to stay ahead and realize a boost in your customers’ loyalty. Gain advantage by choosing MEDIAstream IPTV solution:

Anytime TV: Make the transition from linear TV programming to non-linear interactive TV by offering VOD and PVR like services.

Interactivity: Give your viewers a more personalized experience and respond to their feedback. Interactivity is the key for steady and continuous business development.

Quality of Experience: Rich user interface combined with a high appeal look-and-feel gives viewers a captivating visual experience that leads to customer satisfaction and sustained usage of the service. Make your service “addictive” to enhance services revenues and customer loyalty.

Scalable & extendible platform: MEDIAstream is designed to be your technology partner, supporting your business expansion. Use of industry standard equipment and the modular component architecture of MEDIAstream platform give unlimited expandability. You can start at a small scale and grow as your business expands making incremental investments without having to replace original equipment.

Increased availability: Modular and componentized architecture can be configured to meet your desired target for availability. Multiple system failover strategies as well as no single of point of failure support continuous operation in the event of subsystem failures, preventive maintenance or during upgrades.

Return on Investment: By utilizing low cost, industry standard hardware and software components, MEDIAstream delivers interactive services to Cable Operators and Internet Service Providers in the most cost effective way. With moderate investment to start your service offering and growing your system using cost efficient incremental upgrades, you can make the most out of your investment. Our modular approach using commercial off-the-self equipment also helps reduce operational costs by allowing you to capitalize on existing skills for maintenance and operation of the infrastructure.

Open Enhancement: Due to the particularly friendly user interface and the Internet standards based architecture, minimal effort is required to create and offer interactive services that your customers are willing to buy. Standards based design also makes it easy to repurpose Internet based content for viewing on the TV. Use MEDIAstream applications to easily add content from Internet, live channels, live feeds, stored media material, local or global content.

Fast design-to-delivery: MEDIAstream’s SDK and application tools provide the required framework for your personnel to minimize the time to market for the rollout of new services or features.

Valuable Feedback: MEDIAstream powerful monitoring and logging functions provide up-to-date detailed information for the overall system usage by individual users. Use this invaluable insight information to optimize your service offering.
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