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MEDIAstream is a full featured but exceptionally affordable IPTV solution that enables you to make the shift to IPTV risk free. MEDIAstream is an end-to-end solution so you do not need to worry about the complexities and hidden costs of integrating multiple vendor systems. Deliver compelling content and interactive services to your broadband residential subscribers in a manner that suits your business model. Start simple and build incrementally or choose to offer everything from the beginning. MEDIAstream can be configured with as many or as few features as you desire. Whether looking to launch or augment your service offering, MEDIAstream IPTV solution can help you take advantage of new commercial opportunities in the most affordable manner.

Unlimited TV channels: Offer hundreds of TV channels without sacrificing quality. Rebroadcast TV channels received in digital format in their original quality without reencoding.

HD experience: MEDIAstream is already HD ready. It features an HD UI as well as support for HD content delivery for both TV and VOD services.

Feature rich Video On Demand: Deliver TV shows or movies as Video On Demand (VOD) or Subscription VOD (SVOD). Users can select from a browsable catalog of titles including posters, synopsis, cast list and other related information. DVD-like controls for play/pause, ff/rw, subtitle language selection and much more at the user’s fingertips. Flexible DRM options allowing you to control the access and viewing rights for all On Demand content.

Interactive Program Guide: User friendly application to browse through channel schedule information and view additional program information.

Engaging User Interface: Intuitive user interface with a media rich presentation of TV/radio channels and VOD content with high visual appeal to enhance viewer’s satisfaction.

Flexible Business Models: MEDIAstream’s unique content and service management platform allows total flexibility in the commercial offering of services. Pay-per-view, pay-per-time, subscription rental or prepackaged service bundles are just some of the predefined models you can choose. Flexible service grouping allows you to make even regional customizations to meet closely your clients’ needs.

Secure Content delivery: Industry standard CAS & DRM solutions guarantee your content will stay secure from the Headend all the way to the subscriber’s TV set.

Personalized Interactive Experience: let your customers create their own TV program and choose their favorites among the content options you offer through MEDIAstream. Multilingual user interface, My Account, My Favorites, My Messages and customizable parental controls are some of the features that your clients can use for a “My TV” personalized experience.

Powerful System Management: MEDIAstream comes with a suite of management applications that let you manage and monitor centrally every aspect of the system’s operation. Subscriber, Service, Content and System management modules allow you to make the most of MEDIAstream and collect real time in depth knowledge of system’s operational status. All elements including hardware, software, network performance and content consumption are closely monitored. Statistics and reports can be generated at anytime to aid your business intelligence process.

IPTV web portal pages: Transform the TV into a window to the internet. Publish internet based information on the TV screen in TV friendly format.

Internet Ready: Repurpose offerings for access through the internet with minimal effort. MEDIAstream platform is internet ready allowing your services to be published easily over the internet.

Open client environment, supporting multiple client devices for true multi-screen service offering. Extend the reach of your services to laptop, PC and mobile devices. MEDIAstream transforms your existing network into an interactive multi play service platform that blends media and services across client devices.

nPVR/Catch-up TV: Networked Personal Video Recorder and Catch-up TV are two of the many add-on services which can be integrated in the MEDIAstream platform. nPVR allows end users to record a current show or schedule recording of a show for later viewing. Catch-up TV allows storage and delayed viewing of already broadcasted TV programs.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns: The interactive marketing campaign manager is designed to support rich media like ad banners, video ads, ad insertion into broadcast channels and On Demand content. Though MEDIAstream Campaign Manager you can create additional revenues from inviting advertisers to sponsor services or use it to cross sell and up-sell your own services.

Internet terminal: Use the TV as an Internet terminal for a quick search or to check on email or updates on social networking sites.

Media terminal: MEDIAstream STB can be used to view and listen other media around the home or on external storage devices. Browse pictures, listen to music watch home videos and more.

Connectivity Hub: As more and more personal devices (phones, portable gaming platforms, portable media players) become part of our lifestyle the need arises to connect an exchange information. MEDIAstream STB can be offered with wireless access point option to allow all devices with wireless connectivity to connect to the home network and exchange information or access the internet right from the living room.
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