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MEDIAstream is designed according to modular programming principals for greater flexibility and scalability under any operator’s network environment.

Head end: MEDIAstream is a single-vendor, end-to-end platform with a central management location for the whole infrastructure. The head-end has all necessary hardware components and software applications to gather, manage and distribute your stored or live content directly to your clients, while at the same time acts as the repository for your clients’ feedback:

- MEDIAstream Content Manager
- MEDIAstream Distribution Manager
- MEDIAstream Scheduler
- MEDIAstream Subscriber Data Manager
- MEDIAstream Profiler
- MEDIAstream Ad Manager and Asset Manager for marketing campaigns
- MEDIAstream Encoding Manager
- MEDIAstream Monitor
- MEDIAstream Reporter

Content is delivered to your customers through three main applications that can be used in any combination:

- LIVEmedia, a subscription application for live video and audio channels.
- VODmedia, a subscription and PPV application delivering Video On Demand (VOD) content and
- RENTALmedia, a subscription and online rental application allowing selection-based video and audio content downloads.

Network architecture: For scaling the system to large number of subscribers while keeping a limit on backhaul network capacity, edge servers maybe required for caching and local delivery of content. Edge servers are used to serve both Live and VoD content offloading the main head-end.

User Interface & EPG: MEDIAstream comes with specially designed Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) to support increase usability of the service on any client device: PC, TV, PDA or other. All user interfaces share the same rich functionality and seamlessly operate using the same MEDIAstream platform.

Client HD IPTV CPE: The HD IPTV set-top-box for reception and decoding of the broadcast IPTV and VoD streams on a TV display is designed with state of the art technology for uninterrupted and high quality content delivery. MEDIAstream HD set-top-box performs fully software decoding allowing easy upgrade and migration to future encoding improvements.
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