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Create: Create on-screen material using industry standard media authoring formats. Add live or pre-recorded video encoded in a network efficient streaming media format. BIZstream allows you to manipulate and display content with great flexibility. The screen display can be segmented into multiple areas with each area displaying a different form or type of content. BIZstream can make use of the industry standard media formats so you can integrate elements created using your favourite authoring application or repurpose existing content with the least effort.

Manage & Publish: Your content is hosted on a content server and published over the network infrastructure to make it available to monitors for display. Content presentation is controlled either via scheduled playlists or on-demand requests as BIZstream clients retrieve the content available on BIZstream servers over the network. You can create and publish multiple content packages and have complete control over the scheduling, playback and display of content at each client location or collectively to group of displays. BIZstream has powerful management applications that let you control and monitor content offerings, server and client operations, scheduling, access control and much more.

Distribution: Although BIZstream makes efficient use of network resources, where bandwidth is an issue it can be adapted to better suit your application environment. BIZstream is designed to help utilize in the best way your resources: use the network efficient multicast, deploy edge servers to distribute traffic instead of having all traffic in the main distribution server or make use of the local storage on the players where necessary.

Display: For display or kiosk applications, BIZstream channels requires a player software component running on a standard PC or network appliance with PC architecture. Displays are driven from the video output of the player. Using this approach BIZstream can drive a variety of data displays with suitable video inputs such as Plasma Display Panels, LCDs, projectors, Infokiosks, Interactive TVs and other smart terminals.

BIZstream can also publish content to be viewed with a standard web browser, meaning that BIZstream interactive content is also available to a wide variety of general purpose clients like PCs, PDAs, etc.
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