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MCOM BIZstream platform is based on modular software components. Three main entities cover all the functions of the content management, publishing, distribution and presentation all the way from the central operation facilities right down to the end display locations:

Content Manager is the central repository and publishing point for your content and the heart of the BIZstream system. Content Manager maintains all the information and data related to content, content packages & offers, video channels, predefined schedules and information ready for publishing. It controls scheduling and playlist execution, serves content to clients, handles distribution to edge servers if deployed, monitors and records client requests. Content Manager also contains the required modules to provide dynamic data updates to clients.

Front Desk Manager is the multi-component application used for remote and centralized monitoring and control of systemís operation. Through Front Desk Manager you define content packaging, live or stored video channel offers, playlists and content schedules. Moreover, Front Desk Manager provides the tools to access and manage the monitors in your preferred ways: one-by-one to schedule different content per display, manager content delivery in groups of displays or even synchronize all displays in a collective way.
Front Desk Manager includes among other a powerful monitoring sub-system to provide in a continuous way detailed views on server and client operations.

BIZstream HD Player is the High Definition presentation software which handles scheduled or ad-hoc content presentation on the networked displays at the selected points of sales. It works like a remote controlled browser to render content received from the Content Manager.

The main modules are supported by a number of applications and hardware solutions ready to use and tailor the total solution to your special needs:

Server Hardware based on industry standard server PC components providing a very cost effective alternative to more broadcast oriented hardware without sacrificing performance, reliability or features.

Client Hardware, PCs or Set-Top-Boxes, for uninterrupted information flow towards the points of sales.

Live Content Module to stream live channels or feed from other live sources like weather, news, other RSS feeds and much more to enrich the provided content.

BIZstream IPTV encoders to distribute Standard and High Definition live channels throughout your digital signage network and enrich your content.

Edge servers to fulfil the need for central digital signage management in a geographically distributed company like retail chains with many points of sales.
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